Monday, June 4, 2012

Hearts Are Floating For...Home

I've been neglecting my blog again. Sometimes life just gets in the way. So what have I been up to? I spent Memorial Day weekend at home in Massachusetts. Came back to KC and in two days got a job, started said job, and came down with strep throat. My motivation has not exactly been stellar. And after my trip, I've developed a bout of homesickness. Here are a few of the big (and little) things I miss.

* My family and friends but I don't think this needs to be said. There's just something about having your mom a short car ride away.

* My job...yep, you heard me right. I actually miss it...a lot. The grass is always greener. No job is perfect but I worked with some great people and sometimes the devil you know is comforting.

* Oceans and mountains...while I didn't live near either, they were close by.

* Dunkin Donuts ice coffee...enough said.

* The accent...I miss those dropped "r's".

* On the roads...people are aggressive but defensive. Don't get me started about the drivers in KC. There's a reason why MO is ranked one of the states with the worst drivers. (Trust me, it's true.)

* Ivy League prepster chic as opposed to cowboy couture.

While living in another state brings so many new and exciting experiences...there is still no place like home.

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