Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hearts Are Floating For...Mill Valley - San Francisco

The last day of a vacation is always very sad and this trip was no exception. We checked out of the Milliken Creek Inn (goodbye to our beautiful room!) and slowly worked our way to San Francisco. It was just as well since we had a 6am flight the following day and well if you know me, you know I don't function that early in the morning.

We took the craziest drive to the city. I'm talking back roads through farms, winding up and over mountains, and one stretch where I swear the enormous trees were straight out of a fairytale. 

This is along the Bolinas Lagoon on the Pacific Coast Highway. That blur on the left was the fog. 

The view out into the lagoon.

The fog behind me at the lagoon. Now I understand why Karl the Fog exists.

Mount Tamalpais was on our 'checklist of fun' and let me tell you I was not prepared. It was incredible. I literally gripped my seat as we drove up to the top...think narrow, winding roads with no guard rails and huge drops off the side. But the pay off at the top was so worth it. These pictures don't even do it justice. If you're ever in the SF area just go see it yourself.

I see you San Francisco! 

Panoramic view...if you look really close you can see the city in the center of the picture.

The Bay...The City...The Fog

High above the fog. It looks like a big cushy pillow.

Karl the Fog insists on being in every picture.

Hi Billy

We couldn't leave the area without seeing some California Redwoods so we checked another box and stopped at Muir Woods. It was so touristy but pretty nonetheless. 

The descent into the Woods.

Hello redwoods! You are so tall!

As it approached evening, we had to come to terms with our trip ending. We still had a few hours in the city to enjoy. And as many times as I've been to SF, this was the first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. How is that possible?

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's no wonder you're famous!

Goodbye California! We'll be back someday!

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