Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hearts Are Floating For...Online Glossies

My love affair with magazines began at the age of 11 when my first issue of YM (Young Miss Magazine) arrived in my mailbox.  I was immediately taken with the photographs of the clothing and endless articles on beauty products and styling tips.  Nothing much has changed as anyone who has visited my house can attest.  I have stacks of "glossies" stashed away in every corner.  It's even become a slight battle between me and Bill as to which ones I can keep.  Enter the new breed: online magazines.  I am smitten!  No more fighting about tossing back issues since they are always available with a few simple clicks.  Here are my three favorites that I continue to drool over.

Rue Magazine (the one that started it all for me)

Matchbook Magazine (girly with loads of culture)

Sweet Paul (the food photos and recipes are perfection)


  1. I like this blog. i hope you can check out mine.

  2. i loveeeee rue magazine!

  3. WE r TOTAL magazine it's almost a problem!!!hahahaha..... Have you read RUSSH (from Australia)!!! SOOOOOOO AMAAZZZZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls