Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hearts Are Floating For...Leather Chairs

For months, we've been eyeing and testing out pricey leather chairs for our living room. We needed something else, other than the floor, for when we have guests over to visit. Also, it would make a cozy place to sit and read. And arguably the dark, rich leather just works so nicely with the woods and earthy greens throughout our home. Only problem...cats with sharp nails plus very expensive furniture do not mix.

Our dream chair:

Then while shopping at Target, I spotted this:

(We scored it on sale for $149.00!)

Now here it lives very happily in its new home. And Daisy and Bella haven't even taken any notice - yet!


  1. I was JUST looking at chairs like this. The Target one is pretty comfortable though, so I'd call it a great substitute!

  2. It looks great! I've been pondering buying a couple of these chairs myself. I'm curious to know how they'll hold up. But they are pretty comfy!