Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hearts Are Floating For...Three Dots Cardigans

I once had this friend/colleague who I would spend far too many lunch breaks scouring the racks at H&M and Filene's Basement (RIP legendary store) in Downtown Crossing. We'd leave and I would have my small bag with an item or two and she would be toting multiple bags filled to the brim. You see, we had very different shopping styles. She didn't try on a thing...but would bring it all home and then return what didn't fit. I was always slightly envious because I have a very hard time returning anything. Once I walk out of a store, it's mine. 

This makes online shopping a difficult and risky process for me. For instance, I recently fell in love with this Three Dots Cardigan. I took a chance and bought it. When it arrived, I found to my disappointment that it was a bit too big. Every night for a week, I would put it on and try to convince myself that it was perfect. After nagging Bill, he told me it was great (likely to shut me up) and straight into my closet it went. I'm hoping it will shrink down a bit after its first wash. In the meantime, it's so warm and snuggly that it's become my go-to sweater when I need an extra layer in my ice cold office.

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