Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hearts Are Floating For...The Cellar Rat

We drink a lot of wine. I don't think that is any secret. However, we don't really know much about what we are drinking outside of - it's good or not. In an attempt to learn more, we took a two hour wine class at the Cellar Rat. Our instructor was an encyclopedia of knowledge...not one question stumped him. As we tried each wine, we were encouraged to identify the various smells and tastes. Apparently this is not something I've gotten the hang of seeing that another class member was able to pick out the smell of petroleum in Riesling. (And yes, that was correct.) I can't say that I am much of an expert after our lesson but the one bit of advice that I retained is: "If you only drink red wine (yes that's me), then you are missing out on half the fun." 

Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc, Cuvaison Chardonnay, Fess Parker Riesling

Heron Pinot Noir, Tangley Oaks Merlot, Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon, Morse Code Shiraz

Failed our class: two bottles of red purchased. I guess we're still missing out on half the fun.

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