Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hearts Are Floating For...The Downtown Kansas City Art Fair

Over the weekend I wandered a few blocks from my home to the Downtown Kansas City Art Fair. I had walked through last year but nothing memorable stuck with me. This year I was greeted by these giant animal sculptures which is a good start in my opinion.

I liked these because they remind me of my blog, Hearts Are Floating.

But the winner of the show was Sugarpost. I saw the crowds gathered around the booth long before I knew what everyone was smiling at. I immediately fell in love with the gnome be gone creatures. They reminded me of gremlins getting into all sorts of trouble. 

I left the show and went home but I couldn't stop thinking about one gnome in particular. A few hours later I went back and bought her.

This is Ellie. She now sits on my bathroom counter among my infinite tubes of lipstick. She likes lipstick.

I also found this fun video about the artist, Fred Conlon, and how Ellie and her friends came to be.

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