Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hearts are Floating For...Sadie

The holidays were a tough time this year. The week before Christmas my mom suffered a heart attack. Two days later, we lost our beloved kitty Bella. Then my mom passed away on New Year's Day. My blog is supposed to be about happy things but this is the sad story of how we welcomed Sadie into our home. She was my mom's cat. Her original name was Mercedes - it was the name she was given in the shelter when my mom adopted her four years ago. Bill and I didn't love the name but didn't want to completely change it either. Our friend, Jean, had the wonderful idea to shorten it to Sadie and it is absolutely 'purrfect'! Also, she's already acquired the nickname 'Moo Cow' - as you can see she's a little round and has the coloring. :)

She's been with us a little over a month now and I have to admit she is a handful! We've been lucky with well behaved cats but this one jumps on the counters, sprawls out on the tables, and sheds like crazy! I've had to kitten-proof a lot of the house. (Sorry pretty vase and other breakables that have been put into hiding!) But despite her questionable manners, she is an absolute love and I'm so happy to have a piece of my mom to cherish. 

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